It has happened to all book lovers at one time or another: you finish a really good book and find that all you want to do is read another one just like it...only different. Sometimes you can just pick up another by the same author. At other times, you've finished the last book in a series or by that author. What do you do? Try to find another author, series, or book in the same genre of course. But how? We've gathered together some great tools to help you. On the tabs to the right, you'll find links to a variety of resources. They range from booklists that we've put together based on recommendations by age level to links to other library sites or services.

We've developed booklist categories of:

  • "If You Like ... by Author" for those who want to read anything similar to what a favorite author writes.
  • "If You Like ... by Title" for those who only like a certain type of book by an author. For instance, they love the mysteries and author writes, but don't like science fiction or romance books.
  • "Want to Find" or Read-Alikes by genre covers books that fall within a certain genre or subgenre, such as mystery, romantic suspense, psychological thriller, etc.

We hope the lists and resources we've gathered help you find that next great book or author.

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BookPage -- Pick up a FREE copy of the magazine at the library. Published monthly, BookPage covers all types of books—from literary fiction, history and biography to popular genres like romance and myster. The book reviews, author interviews and special features are informative and accessible. The free issues are made available courtesy of the Friends of the Nederland Library, Inc.

Literature Resource Center provides literature criticism, detailed biographies and bibliographies, social and historical context, and facilitates the study of literary movements, genres, and themes; over 1,000,000 full text articles, poems, short stories and plays, film, book and theatre reviews, and links to NPR broadcasts. Provided by the Texas State Library's TEXSHARE program.

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... by Author

Clive Cussler -- Action/adventure which typically takes place in exotic locales and in extreme conditions

James Patterson -- Alex Cross -- Mystery-thriller genre featuring fast, unrelenting pacing, high levels of violence, and engrossing plots

James Patterson -- Women's Murder Club -- Female characters involved in law enforcement or journalism and who investigate crimes

Lisa Scottoline

Mary Higgins Clark

Robyn Carr

... by Genre or Theme

Area Authors -- Features authors from Jefferson County

Crafty Crimes -- Mysteries that feature crafts and crafters, such as quilting, scrapbookiing, needlecraft, knitting, etc.

For Booklovers -- Mysteries, Romances, & Science Fiction/Fantasy featuring Characters that deal with Books, Libraries, Bookstore

Gothic Fiction: The Classics -- Wind, rain, crumbling mansions. Family secrets, ancestral curses. The supernatural, madness. With roots dating back to eighteenth-century melodrama, the conventions of the Gothic novel are some of the most recognizable in all of literature. [Summary borrowed from the article "Getting Up to Speed in Gothic Fiction" by Bethany Latham.]

Hard-Boiled Crime -- Mainly hard-boiled crime fiction stories involve private investigators as the hero, such as Hammett, Spillane, Parker, Lehane, etc.

Haunted & Fantastic Historical Fiction -- great combination of fact and imagination with elements of the mystical, the ghostly, and the utterly fantastic.

Psychological Thrillers -- for fans of Gone GirlGirl on the Train and Big Little Lies

Recipe for Murder -- Culinary mysteries are usually "cozy" mysteries that prominently feature food and/or cooking -- sometimes with recipes included.

Suburban Suspense -- Not Your Mother's Romantic Suspense -- Less about finding love in a tense situation and more about the relationships with family, friends, and the heroine herself.

... by Title or Character

Game of Thrones Read-alikes -- If you've read the books & watched the entire series, try these books.

Star-Crossed Lovers -- Tales Inspired by or Based on Romeo & Juliet

Teen Reads & Reviews Resources
Teen Reads
A great place to find book reviews by other teens, author interviews, and information about new titles.
Reading Rants
Out of the ordinary group of booklists for teens who need a good read, but are wondering if there’s life after John Green and JK Rowling.
... Booklists by Genre or Theme

Anti-Valentine's Day -- Alternatives to Typical Valentine's Day Stories

Chick Lit

Classics Revisited -- some of our favorite classic books

Clueless: Adult Mysteries with Teen Appeal -- Recommendations from VOYA

Domo Arigato, Mr. Roboto -- Robots in teen fiction

Horror & Thrillers

Love is in the Air

Paranormal Romances

Science Fiction

Teen Survival Guide -- Books on Tough Topics -- For anyone feeling misunderstood, confused, worried, or having a hard time discussing the tough topics facing teens today. Here are some books to get the conversation going.

Vampires, Zombies, and Werewolves, OH MY

Virtual Reality -- Teen books for video gamers.

What if? -- Alternative histories imagining a very different world

Whodunit? -- Murder, mystery, mayhem & more

... by Author
Digital Book Sites

International Children's Digital Library: A Library For the World's Children
A digital collection of Children's books from around the world -- all in their original languages -- that you can start reading now, right on your computer. Goal is making the best in children's literature available online free of charge.

Children's Book Selection
Per the Library of Congress: "This special collection presents children’s books selected from the General and Rare Book Collections at the Library of Congress. The collection includes classic works that are still read by children today, and lesser-known treasures drawn from the Library’s extensive collection of historically significant children’s books. The books in this collection were published in the United States and England before 1924, are no longer under copyright, and free to read, share, and reuse however you’d like."

Resources at Other Libraries and Sites

Fiction-L Booklists
Many discussion topics on Fiction-L, the Morton Grove Public Library's mailing list for reader's advisory issues, result in compilations of books on a particular theme, authors with similar styles, etc. Many of these booklists are then made available on their web site, accessible through the genre, subject, author and more.

What's Next
"What's Next" helps you search for the next title in a series. Searches can be made by title, author or series.

Series and Serials
A listing of fiction books for adults which are part of a series, or are sequels to earlier novels. Can be searched by author, title and series name or characters. Maintained by the Los Angeles Public Library

Specializes in library and genre fiction information including themed booklists.

"If You Like..." Index
Provides "read-alikes" for such authors as Patricia Cornwell, John Grisham, Jackie Collins, as well as subject categories such as family sagas, thrillers, etc.

BookWire (by Bowker)
Bookwire™ is operated by Bowker and helps people discover, evaluate, order, and experience books. Powered by Books in Print® database, Bookwire makes it easy to search and discover over 20 million book titles, including print, ebooks, audio books and more.

ATN Reading Lists
All Together Now (ATN) contains over 1300 reading lists. Suggested reading lists include genres, authors, school subjects, themes and more.

National Public Radio Books
You'll find links to recent author interviews, reviews, and book picks, as well as conversations about what you're reading, the future of publishing, and other lit-ish links.


Booklists by Genre & Media

Cozy Mystery List: A Guide to Cozy Mystery (and Other Favorite) Books, Movies, and TV
Cozy mystery books (and others) by author and theme.

Based on a Book
Compiled by Mid-Continent Public Library in Missouri. On their website they state: "Based on the Book is a compilation of over 1,450 books, novels, short stories, and plays that have been made into motion pictures. Utilizing the Internet Movie Database as an authority, all resources in this collection have been released as feature-length films in the United States, in English, since 1980."

Stop, You're Killing Me: a website to die for ... if you love mysteries
Per their website: "A resource for lovers of mystery, crime, thriller, spy, and suspense books. We list over 5,000 authors, with chronological lists of their books (over 58,000 titles), both series (5,900+) and non-series. Use the alphabetical author and character links above Top or the special indexes in the left column. And it’s perfectly fine with us if you print our pages for your private use, especially for a trip to your local library or bookstore."

All About Romance
An online destination for lovers of romance novels. Find book reviews, author interviews, reader forums, and industry coverage.

Historical Novel Society
A literary society devoted to promoting the enjoyment of historical fiction. The Historical Novels Review (the society’s print magazine for our members) has published reviews of some 15,000 historical fiction books. Those reviews are online and searchable by author, genre, time period and century.

Best Fantasy Books
Their primary mission is to help readers find the best fantasy and science fiction books out there -- both older books and the newest ones. They have "core" fantasy lists, as well as those arranged by decade, year, theme, subgenre, award winners and more.

Locus Online
Science fiction and fantasy book reviews, author interviews, and more!

Sci-Fi Lists
Per their website: "Sci-Fi Lists is dedicated to bringing you quality lists and concise reviews of science fiction's all-time top books, films, TV shows and short fiction. Our aim is to bring you the most statistically reliable lists of their type found anywhere on the net. It is important to note that all lists featured on the site are the result of ongoing and fairly complex statistical surveys, rather than just a simple tally of poll voting. As such, the lists are regularly updated to include new sources of information that become available, including results from the relevant Sci-Fi Lists online polls."

Worlds Without End
Per their website: "Worlds Without End is a non-profit fan-run web site and growing online community, dedicated to identifying, reading and sharing the best Speculative Fiction books the genre has to offer. We want to make it possible for you to identify the books you are most likely to enjoy, and to help you keep track of your To-Be-Read and Have-Already-Read lists. While the site initially focused on books which had been nominated for, or won, awards, it has expanded to include works identified on a number of prominent curated lists of the Best of Speculative Fiction, as well as a large body of other published works of Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror."

Their website states: "FamilyFiction is an information hub for all fans of Christian fiction–covering news, upcoming releases, book trailers, and exclusive interviews with your favorite authors!" They have a weekly newsletter and a monthly digital magazine that covers all things Christian fiction. They include Christian storytelling of all kinds: Amish, Historical, Romance, Suspense, Speculative, Contemporary and Young Adult.