The Marion & Ed Hughes Public Library gratefully accepts donations of gently used items.  Some materials may be placed in the Friends of the Library Book Sale. Here are some helpful hints before you bring in used books:


Hardcover and/or paperback books, magazines, and audiovisual materials if they are in good condition, such as:

  1. Recent bestsellers
  2. Books or magazines published in the last five years  (older depending on subject)
  3. Clean copies of “classic” titles
  4. Large print books


Local history materials on Jefferson County and East Texas/West Louisiana area, such as:

  1. Maps
  2. Family histories
  3. Church histories
  4. Local histories
  5. Local high school annuals, city directories for Beaumont and Port Arthur, etc.


WHAT WE DON’T NEED (doesn’t sell in Friends of the Library book sale & can’t give away):

Materials that have a musty, smoke or mildew odor or are in poor condition (water damaged, severely yellowed pages, broken bindings, etc.)
Reader’s Digest condensed books
Dated information, such as:

  1. Travel guides older than five years
  2. Obsolete textbooks
  3. Encyclopedia sets older than ten years
  4. Old professional magazines, such as nursing and medical journals
  5. Old news magazines, such as Time or Newsweek



All gifts added to the collection become part of the general holdings and should not require special circulation procedures.

Books and other library materials are accepted with the condition that they will be considered for addition to the collection in accordance with the Selection Policy.

The library retains unconditional ownership of the gift and makes the final decision on the use or disposition of the gift.  The library reserves the right to sell or dispose of gift materials not added to the collection as the Library Director deems advisable.  In general, these materials are sold in the Friends of the Library book sales and proceeds benefit the library collection in general and/or other library projects and services.  Under some circumstances, materials may be offered to another library or facility.  Items which are not in good condition will be disposed of immediately.



If you would like a receipt for tax purposes, count the number of books and other items you are donating.  We can give signed, dated receipts for the number of items, but cannot assess the value.

Memorial and honorary contributions to the Marion & Ed Hughes Public Library are gratefully accepted for the purchase of an item already designated or to be designated by the Library Director. There is no minimum contribution for a memorial designation, but the average cost of a good quality title is $25.00. When selecting an item to fill a request, the library will take into consideration subjects suggested by the donor. It should be noted however that this is not always possible depending on the subject or type of material requested. The library will notify the family of the deceased (or honoree) of the contributor's gift and a plaque will be placed in the book with the name of the contributor and of the deceaased or honoree.

It is rare for the library to accept donations of items from an individual's personal library to be used as a memorial. The decision to accept such a gift will be determined based on the library's current needs and selection criteria. The library will not accept for deposit materials which are not outright gifts.