Learn a Language

It never hurts to know another language.  Bilingualism can open doors to new careers, new travel opportunities, new cultural experiences, and new friends worldwide.

The Library has resources to help you learn a new language, practice one you're already learning, or brush up on one that you used to know.  And best of all, these resources are FREE of charge to library cardholders. 

Open a door to a another world with a new language.  Start today!

Language Learning Just Got Better with Pronunciator...

Offering more than 80 languages, with more being added each year, Pronunciator is your pathway to explore new languages and cultures. If you want to learn to speak it, chances are they've got it.

  • Pronunciator includes access to Personalized Courses; 9,600 instructional phrases per language (on average); and streamable, downloadable audio lessons.
  • Pronunciator keeps learning fun by incorporating feature films and songs.
  • Learn on the go with the Pronunciator app which works in browsers in all Android (tablet, phone), Apple (iPad, iPhone, iPod touch) and Kindle Fire device types.
  • Learning English? Pronunciator offers ESL courses taught in 55 non-English languages.
  • Becoming a U.S. Citizen? Pronunciator's ProCitizen course is specifically designed for U.S. immigrants to succeed at the Naturalization Test.
  • Pronunciator helps kids learn languages! Pronunciator is appropriate from toddlers on up, thanks to thousands of photos and customized pictograms. Units that are particularly kid-friendly are marked with a kids' icon. Kids have access to live teachers that challenge and engage them through regular online sessions.
  • Looking to take an intensive deep dive into a language? Many languages have up to ten 8-week structured courses. Each course assumes 5 days per week of study, and 30 to 60 minutes per day of commitment. With a progressive degree of difficulty, the structured courses offer up to 80 weeks (20 months — nearly 2 years) of guided learning per language.

Ready to Start Learning?

  1. Download and print the clear and simple PDF iconPronunciator-Manual-EN.pdf OR Spanish
  2. Then click the links below to begin your language-learning journey:

... and More Mobile with the Bluebird app for Mobile Devices

Looking to learn a language while you're on the treadmill or running errands? The Bluebird app from Pronunciator is your ticket! Designed specifically for mobile devices, Bluebird offers 163 languages with 12.6 million interactive audio lessons, plus unlimited personalized courses. 

  • Bluebird teaches 163 world languages (covering 98% of spoken languages) with lessons narrated in any of 146 languages.
  • The Bluebird app is available for Android and Apple phones and tablets.
  • Bluebird for Libraries enables free access via a simple PIN code at registration time. Library users get full, premium access to all Bluebird content and functionality.
  • Each lesson has: studio-quality audio; timecoded subtitles; timecoded photos that illustrate each instructional phrase; phonetic text option; indication of noun gender and articles when relevant; scored quizzes; and five playback speeds.
  • Personalized audio courses can easily be created based on the user’s occupational or personal interests. Each personalized course comes with a custom PDF study guide.
  • Lessons are automatically stored and can be played offline.
  • Unlimited access is available; your lessons will be available no matter how many other Library patrons are logged on.

Ready to Start Learning?

  1. Download and print the clear and simple User's Manual in English OR Spanish (coming soon!). 
  2. Then find Bluebird on wherever you get apps:
    Download Bluebird on the App Store  Download Bluebird on Google Play
  3. PLEASE NOTE: Once you download the correct app for your device, creating an account is simple but requires the following steps:
    • Input an email address. A fake email can be entered for those who do not have an email address.
    • Create a password.
    • Enter your entire 14-digit library card number with no spaces as your “institutional PIN.” The app may tell you that your PIN is incorrect as you enter digits but once you enter the entire card number, it will accept it.
    • Login to your LIBRARY account to get the Institutional Pin.
    • Be sure to check the box “I am an institutional user and have a PIN code.”

Once signed up, you’ll have full and free access to Bluebird for the duration of your subscription!